Brand history: Loro Piana

Originally from Trivero, northern Italy, Loro Piana is known internationally for producing exquisite garments with the finest materials in the world.
The search for excellence has been their mission for six generations. The Italian Maison of the Loro Piana family started trading wool at the beginning of the 19th century. After the war the company establishes its fine reputation as a supplier of cashmere and premium wool for the haute couture industry worldwide.
The pillars on which the company rests since its inception are luxury, high standards of craftsmanship and technology. Loro Piana has managed to intertwine their strong long-lasting traditions with the latest trends and technologies, that allow them to offer products of the highest quality.
Currently, all the garments of the firm are made in Italy, after the traditional way of work of the brand and sartorial excellence.
The ancient curiosity of the Loro Piana family for extraordinary raw materials has led them to travel in search of the most exquisite materials all over the world, such as Peru, Mongolia or New Zealand.
Pier Luigi Loro Piana got Peru to reclaim the vicuña, convinced the farmers of Mongolia to sell cashmere baby goats and traveled to Myanmar to make the first blazers made out of lotus flowers.
All the Loro Piana production factories are located in Italy, and the Quarona factory is their flagship. So to speak of Loro Piana is to speak of the authentic “Made in Italy”.
The company controls each and every one of the stages of production with demanding standards, from the collection of natural fibers to the delivery of the product to the stores.
The Italian Maison is the international point of reference for the finest fabrics in the world thanks to its excellent raw materials, production, experience and continuous technical innovation. 
All this has endowed the firm with world renown, all its pieces are meticulously elaborated in Italy by the most demanding artisans of the country with a work of ethical and very strict craftsmanship that merges with the simplicity and elegance of its collections.

Luxury and Innovation

Experimentation and innovation have been from the beginning the great passions of the house.
Thanks to this, new developments have emerged such as the use of the “baby cashmere”; a fabric made exclusively by Loro Piana or the Argentine vicuna, a species native to the Andes that the brand saved from extinction by collaborating with the natives to exclusively process the so-called “fiber of the gods”.