Sanpetuna's Restaurant Guide: Paris

Le Duc

Le Duc is known for years as one of the best seafood restaurants in Paris being the first bisto serving raw fishin Paris. The wood-paneled room which was inspired by one of Gianni Agnelli speed boats has a very special charme. 


Bistro Paul Bert 

Located in the 11th arrondissement the restaurant “Paul Bert” is a small Bistro serving typical French food. With it’s large wine menu and the experienced staff you will always find the proper wine to your food. 



The Ritz Carlton in Paris is not only a visit worth a visit because of its culinary experience but also because of the sophisticated red-velveted interior. So, if you like finest French food and a very chique-elegant atmosphere, the Ritz is perfect for you. 


Bouillon Pigalle

As the name already suggests, Bouillon Pigalle is a large restaurant-bistro that serves food at reasonable prices. If you like a boisterous atmosphere, this is the place for you. 

Akira Back 

Akira Back has its branches distributed in the most important metropolises of the world. He chose the luxury hotel "Prince de Galle" in Paris as his first restaurant in Europe. Akira Back is a One-Star-Michelin chef and serves Japanese cuisine.