Spring Season: Lightweight jackets and gilets

Perfect for the coming season - lightweight blousons and gilets. 

One of the most versatile products you will find. You can easily combine it with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt but sometimes you can also wear lightweight jackets, depending on the model, over a suit. Dress it up or dress it down, it is your choice. It is definitely worth having one blouson and one gilet in your wardrobe. Especially on days when you don't know what to wear, you can simply create a smart casual look with it. 

By the following, we chose some examples of Brunello Cucinelli and Loro Piana. 


This product right here is a perfect example of an extremely versatile vest not only because of the quiet gray color. The cashmere/silk blend gives it a chic and sophisticated look. When it's raining you can even wear it from the other side to have a water repellent material. 

 Although it may look unspecial in some cases that is where the beauty of a product begins - it's the simplicity about the product combined with the sophisticated quality and finishing that gives a product it's charm. Referring to our latest article "Coded Luxury - What is it" this is a perfect example of quiet luxury. 


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This is a classic Loro Piana product. Super simple but made of the highest quality possible. The fabrics that are used here and the popular "LP storm system" enable you to wear it even when it's raining. 

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