How to dress at the French Riviera?

Written by: Ruben Buehring and Nickolas Rodriguez Schwarz 


Back in the 50s, it was no question where to be seen in the summer. The global jet set met almost exclusively at the French Riviera. Icons such as Gianni Agnelli, Brigitte Bardot, Gunter Sachs or Alain Delon turned this place into one of the most glamorous holiday destinations in the world. Even outside the Cannes Film Festival, the international beau monde meets here under the seemingly always blue sky. 



All the well-known travelers show us exactly how to dress at the French Riviera. Clearly, it is not too formal, as few are here for business. Light and thin fabrics fit best. That’s why rolled up cotton or linen shirts are a must have at the beach. For the Mediterranean look, shades of blue are the ideal color, although a summery yellow or lilac is also a good choice. As a rule, the pants at the Cote D’Azur are loose-fitting and beige, but anything light is allowed. If you're already packing your bags now, don't forget your swim trunks and make sure to check out our recommended pieces for your trip below. 


The Solaro Suit is perfect for the summer. Gianni Agnelli used to wear it very frequently. 


 A more unconventional shirt we really like. A light blue cotton shirt. What else do you need for a trip to the French Riviera?


 We think it is obvious why you need this piece. Also available in other colours. 
The perfect John Lobb Shoe for casual occasions. 
A white cargo pants. A nice combination piece to a blue blazer. 
Try out some colour with this beautiful double-breasted blazer from Cesare Attolini. 
In case you want to wear a suit then go for this one in all white and linen. 
A true Coded Luxury piece. A very light blouson that is perfect for a warm evening in the French Riviera.