5 Questions with Leonardo Simoncini

1. Could you start by sharing a bit about your current activities and projects in the sartorial industry?

I'm currently driving my small business, I left Liverano & Liverano in March and now I’m currently running my Sartoria.

I thought it was the right time for me to spin out on my own, offering the Florentine cut but in a fresher style and in the near future also investing and implementing with some digital software in order to offer different styles and products besides the classic garments.

2. What inspired your interest in menswear and how did this passion develop over time? + 3. When it comes to dressing, what is your unique approach/philosophy?

When I was younger I’ve always been into fashion, trying to define my style through different influences: working for Gucci for 3 years allowed me to make a small step into fashion/classic clothing.
In 2015 I got the chance to start my apprenticeship at Liverano and I started being influenced by the house style, I’ve started approaching classic garments and accessories.
Lately, I found myself more confident mixing classic garments, such as a jacket or coat, with more casual and vintage clothes, in order to be able to mix styles, cloths, fabrics, layers, to create something unique for myself.
“Create” is the verb, that’s why I called my sartoria “POIESIS”, this is a term from Ancient Greek philosophy. It refers to the process of bringing something into existence, the act of creation, using imagination, art, or intellectual efforts.

4. Do you have such things as personal favourite brands? Or do you rather tend to buy solely based on quality/design?

I like to have basic stuff, but also something a bit more refined such as: ulster coat, of course, jackets, a double-breasted chalk stripes suit, pleated chinos for everyday style and jeans.
As well as a great denim shirt or a button-down Oxford shirt.

You are a freelance tailor. Which tailoring school do you follow? And what makes your products so special?

I had my apprenticeship at Liverano and Liverano, someone there almost 7 years.

I’ve learned the Florentine cut and the special process behind the product: the cut and the handcrafts make the garment very special.
Wearing my jacket, you can feel the softness, the comfort, and the unique cut.
Add all these ingredients with a vintage fabric of my collection (I have more than 500 vintage fabrics, from the 70’s to 90’s), and a personal touch, and confidence is what you’ll get. A good recipe