5 Questions with Rock

1. Could you start by sharing a bit about your former/current activities and projects in the sartorial industry?

I have held many roles in the menswear business, including Head of Operations, buyer, and store owner. Now, I am a strategic consultant and agent for brands and stores.

2. What inspired your interest in menswear and how did this passion develop over time?

I've always enjoyed things that are nicely made, with heart and love behind them. This sparked even more when I started working with artisans like the Pirozzi family, Ambrosi, Kotaro from Sartoria Corcos, Gianfrancesco from Musella Dembech, 100 Hands, and many others. You feel the humanness behind each stitch, and each garment is more than just something that you wear. It grows with you, and you are a passenger of the stories behind generations of passion and love for what they do.

3. When it comes to menswear, what is your philosophy or strategy in selecting outfits?

It has evolved with my lifestyle over the years, as everything else in life does. Now, comfort, versatility, and sustainability are my priorities. After becoming a father, I am often required to switch roles quickly—I need to go from laying on the floor playing to being presentable in a Zoom meeting or in real life.

That’s why I opt for items that are durable, low maintenance, but stylish, such as denims, tough khakis, boots, and tweed jackets. I buy a lot of vintage as well. I need to take responsibility for making the right decisions for my children's future. Overproducing is a big problem for the industry we love; that's why I go for pieces that last, age beautifully, and combine well with different styles. Fast fashion is an absolute no for me.

4. Are there any specific brands in menswear that you find particularly appealing or consistently align with your style?

I admire many brands and individuals and find inspiration from them. Ralph Lauren, Drake's, Nigel Cabourn, Brycelands, and small artisanal brands like my Florentine tailor, Sartoria Corcos, who uses a lot of earthy tones.

5. As of now, what are the key pieces in menswear that you consider essential in your wardrobe?

I love layering. Comfy sweaters in different materials, knits, and styles are essentials for me. I find body warmers very useful in many ways; they add color, texture, and of course warmth. In winter, I love a big scarf.

I enjoy wearing it in different ways to create various styles—it adds a lot of texture and brightens the whole outfit. I also love denims—shirts, jeans... they're very versatile, work with many different styles, and age beautifully.