Why Sanpetuna?

Sanpetuna is a leading platform for sartorial and luxury garments, specializing in pre-owned and new old stock items, where we collaborate with esteemed brands, retailers, and private consigners to curate a sophisticated assortment. If you have sartorial or luxury garments to sell, we are the destination to choose.

How it works:

  • 1. Provide Information

    Please first provide information on the item/s you would like to sell.

  • 2. Get Quote

    We get back to you within a day with an estimated sales price.

  • 3. Shipping

    Receive a label from us and ship the items to us.

  • 4. Cash-Out

    Get a 60% Cash Out from the sales price or get a 70% Sanpetuna Voucher.

Get in touch:

Please provide us with the following information for each product:

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Retail Price

Whatsapp or Call: +49 152 0288 2621
E-Mail: info@sanpetuna.com

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