About Sanpetuna

Sanpetuna is a leading platform for sartorial and luxury garments, specializing in pre-owned and new old stock items, where we collaborate with esteemed brands, retailers, and private consigners to curate a sophisticated assortment.


The Takeback Program

At Sanpetuna, we understand the importance of sustainability and providing customers with a seamless shopping experience.

That's why we've introduced a cutting-edge recommerce service that, in collaboration with your esteemed brand, offers your customers the unique opportunity to conveniently return and sell back the items they have purchased, creating a seamless and rewarding experience.

By partnering with us, you can offer a convenient take back service that enhances customer satisfaction and drives revenue growth without you having any additional effort.

  • Expand Your Services

    Offer your customers a convenient takeback option for their unworn items.

  • New Customers

    We actively promote your store on our platform with company introductions with link to your shop.

  • Direct Revenue

    Each customer that consigns with us through you is direct revenue for you store.

  • Sustainablitiy

    We believe the fashion industry is in change. Be a pioneer and join the path.

How it works:

1. Implement the service

Tell your customers about the option to sell their unworn items through Sanpetuna. It's a way for them to give their items a second life and while being financially rewarded with a cash-out or a voucher for your store after a successful sale.

How you advertise this partnership is up to you. We suggest to use newsletters, flyers, or a little link in the footer to make them aware of your new service.

2. Customers submit items for sale

Once customers decide to sell their items, they provide details to us on a landing page in your corporate design.

Once these information reach us, we get in touch with the consigner sending an estimated price and provide a shipping label.

3. Listing Items

Customers securely ship their items to our facility, where we take care of the entire process, including item preparation, professional photography, precise measurements, and strategic advertising.

4. Successful Sale and Reward Options

When an item is sold through our platform, your customers have the choice between a cash-out option or receiving a voucher specifically for your brand's store that ideally is 10% higher than the cash-out.

By deciding for a cash-out option of a customer, your company would receive a commission from each successful sale, while opting for a voucher choice would directly contribute to generating revenue for your brand.