Get-away edition

Life is all about balance, and sometimes we just need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and unwind in the tranquility of the countryside or explore the delights of a new city.

Whether it's a weekend getaway to a cozy countryside retreat or a city break to a bustling metropolis, our platform has you covered with a carefully curated collection of luxurious, yet relaxed pieces that will allow you to dress down in style.

Picture yourself strolling through a quaint village, surrounded by lush greenery and the sweet fragrance of blooming flowers, wearing a sumptuous cashmere sweater from Loro Piana, the ultimate in comfort and elegance. Or, perhaps you're exploring a new city, taking in the sights and sounds of a vibrant urban landscape while feeling effortlessly chic in a pair of chilled linen pants from Brunello Cucinelli.

With our collection of high-end casual pieces, you can strike the perfect balance between relaxation and luxury, allowing you to enjoy your time off in style and comfort. So whether you're planning a weekend away in the countryside or a city break to explore a new destination, our platform has everything you need to elevate your downtime and make it truly unforgettable.