About us

Sanpetuna is your destination for Offprice and Pre-Owned Sartorial Menswear Pieces.  

We firmly believe that one should be guided by style rather than trends and quality rather than quantity when choosing clothes within his budget. Clothing is certainly not the most important thing in life, but you will achieve significantly more response in all life situations if you are dressed in style and quality. The products we offer will guarantee you this. Our brand portfolio stands for craftsmanship, style, top quality, timelessness and longevity.  


Due to the quality of materials and masterful craftsmanship, these products cannot and should not be cheap. Nevertheless, even under pure cost considerations, it often makes more sense to purchase durable and timeless garments. We therefore target gentlemen who have realised that the purchase of our products, which despite significant price reductions are still expensive in relation to mass-produced items, is a sensibel investment.


Last but not least, through our pricing, we would like to give younger people access to these brands and, in particular, to the values embodied by these manufacturers.